Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous EarthSo, what exactly is Diatomaceous Earth? Diatomaceous Earth is made from the silicate fossils of prehistoric hard-shelled algae known as Diatoms. Over time the fossils have formed a chalky sedimentary rock that is mined from areas that were once covered by oceans and lakes. This sedimentary rock is then ground up to form the powder that we know as Diatomaceous Earth, or DE.

Now you must be wondering how ground up fossils act as an insecticide, as with my Extreme Insect Control? Well, Diatomaceous Earth acts as cut-up glass with insects. As insects walk through the DE it begins to cut into their outer coats, which then causes them to dry up and die, usually within a day. Although the DE is harmful to insects it is not toxic to humans and pets if it is ingested, however, you want to be sure not to inhale Diatomaceous Earth as it can be irritating.

Diatomaceous Earth is a wonderful, all-natural, insecticide that is useful against many household insects, such as roaches, ants, fleas, and beetles. When applying DE you will want to look at applying it in areas where bugs hide and frequent. My Pest Pistol is a wonderful application tool that will allow you to easily apply the right amount, especially in those tight crevices. I recommend applying it around the foundation of your home to prevent the entry of insects into your home, around the perimeter of your back yard, and you may also use DE in your home due to its organic, non-toxic, nature.

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  1. Kim Obrzut says:

    Can I use diatomaceous earth in my garden of tomatoes to get rid of the ants?

    • The Garden Guy says:

      Yes you can use diatomaceous earth in your garden or around your home no problem to help get rid of the ants

  2. Buffi says:

    The description doesn’t mention anything about scorpions. In your video, however, you mentioned that it also helps with scorpions. How well does this work for scorps and is it necessary to use a little more since they can be larger than other mentioned pests?

  3. Leslie says:

    Is all Diatomaceous safe for vegetable gardens? I bought The Safer brand but it doesn’t mention gardens. Thanks so much!

    • The Garden Guy says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Not all DE is safe for gardens for example like pool DE so I would make sure to read the label and but if it’s food grade DE you should be ok

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