Roses are giving spectacular blooms this year. You might not know it, but Arizona is one of the rose-growing capitals of the country — they grow really well here. Now is not the time to start pruning roses, but there are a few things you can do to help your established plants or newly planted roses and make sure they continue to give you beautiful blooms. Watering Water deeply (about … Read More →

Garden Guy Recipes for Getting Rid of Insects

orange peel

Organic general spray Compost tea Molasses Apple cider vinegar Liquid seaweed Stockings Bucket Compost Disease and Insect Control Garlic Garlic pepper tea Orange oil Herbicide 1 pint white vinegar 4 oz. Orange oil 1 tsp. basic “H” (available at Non-beneficial nematodes Lemon peel Orange peel Scorpion control Diatomaceous earth Cinnamon Orange guard Flea control Diatomaceous earth Beneficial nematodes Orange oil Compost tea Fungus control Cornmeal Kills things 2 oz. … Read More →

Prepping Your Garden for Heavy Rain

We’re looking a lot of rain in the next couple of days. Garden Guy Dave Owens explains what you need to do to prepare your garden. Extending the growing season With seasons changing and temperatures getting cooler, many people are always trying new methods to help protect their gardens and crops so they last through the winter and provide a strong harvest in the spring. Using these tools and or … Read More →



No matter where you tend to live in AZ scorpions seem to be a problem. Along with their dangerous nature, they are difficult to kill; however, they can be prevented and eliminated using organic methods. The first thing you will want to keep in mind is that by eliminating/ preventing, their food source you eliminate/ prevent their desire to stay in and around your home. So what is their food … Read More →

Foliar Feeding

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Did you know that plants are able to absorb nutrients directly through their foliage? This fact is the basis of foliar feeding. Foliar feeding involves the spraying of fertilizers directly onto the foliage of plants, which are then able to directly absorb the nutrients. It is an extremely simple and beneficial process that you can use, along with soil feeding, to instantly provide micronutrients to your plants, increase the tolerance … Read More →

Getting rid of pests that plague your garden

If you have pests in your garden — and who doesn’t — this is a must-watch segment. Garden Guy Dave Owens shares several natural ways of getting rid of those pests — without damaging your plants or endangering your family and pets.

Garden Guy shares tips for cold weather gardening

Garden Guy Dave Owens visited Good Morning Arizona Thursday to share some tips about gardening as temperatures cool down in the Valley. Garden Guy Tips Sunburn damage on plants occurs more in the winter than during the summer. To avoid sunburn damage, paint exposed parts of thin-skin tree trunks with a white latex paint. This is especially important for trees such as citrus, apple, pear, peach and plum. Begin mulching … Read More →

Cold weather flowers

With the summer behind us it is time to look at different types of flowers to plant around your house. Cool weather flowers are a variety of flowers that will bring lots of color to your home and some can last all the way up to spring time. They are very easy to maintain and hardly require any additional care except for potential frost damage so as the temperatures start … Read More →

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