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  • baby shampoo

    Natural Garden Recipes

    Here are wonderful alternatives to synthetic chemicals -- and they're easy to make. Gin Weed Control: 1 oz. gin 1 oz. apple … Read More

  • aloe vera

    Herbs That Heal

    Planting an herb garden is going to do a lot for you besides add tasty ingredients to your food. Herbs can help heal many of the … Read More

  • avocado

    Go Tropical in Your Landscape

    One of the greatest benefits of living in the Valley is the warm weather, which allows us to grow a wide assortment of … Read More

  • flowering vine


    Nothing beats vines for covering walls, garden structures or creating shade. One type of vine that I find useful is the … Read More

  • Hummingbird in flight

    Attracting Birds and Butterflies

    Inviting birds and butterflies to your yard is an effective way of bringing another element to your landscape and helping out the … Read More

  • vegetable garden

    Fall Is The Perfect Time to Garden

    We are coming up on the most productive time of year for gardening in the Southwest. The first thing to remember is that … Read More

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